S.Africa's Sasol signs deal with energy firm Of Canada Petrochemical giant of South Africa Sasol offers authorized a billion-dollar (789-million-euro) deal to purchase a stake 50 percent in a shale gas pasture own by Talisman the Canadian energy company, Sasol stated. The deal might find Talisman and Sasol divided ownership associated with shale gas Talisman's Farrell Creek property in the traditional western land associated with UK Columbia, the 51,000-acre 21,000-hectare) field by having an projected 9.6 trillion cubic ft (270 billion cubic meters) of unlocked natural gas, Sasol said inside a statement.

Talisman will continue to operate the area that Sasol said was appealing due to the closeness to current North American natural gas pipelines.

The companies said these people plan to research the potential of creating a facility to convert gas to liquid fuels utilizing Sasol's technologies.

North America has seen a shale gas boom recently because technologies to extract gas in the subterranean rock has improved dramatically.

The new methods, which involve flying high-pressure fluid heavy to the floor, liberating the gas and bringing it towards the surface, convey more compared to twice a continent's found gas assets in order to Eighty five trillion cubic feet.