Solar Energy Flourishing in the United States Solar energy will be more affordable and can actually be commissioned much earlier, and built in just one year period. Recent reports of solar energy companies into bankruptcy and stories of assumed federal loan scandals have long gloom on the solar energy industry. But the sun is far from set in photovoltaics. In fact, in 2010, the solar panels that can generate 17 gigawatts of power - which is equal to nearby 17 nuclear power plants - were sold globally.

And this year, U.S. industry anticipates to double its production, also companies are growing rapidly to convene the demand for panels on the roof."We are very busy," says CEO of Verengo Solar Plus, Randy Bishop. "We've appointed 350 people so far this year and we are hiring at 55 diverse positions right now. Fitters, electricians, guys who are on the roofs, insurance, call center positions, isales positions, marketing positions."

Not many companies in the United States hired 350 people this year. The reasons are simple solar is different: three years before Congress passed - and signed by President Bush - a change that lets owners to recover 30 percent of the cost of a solar system by the government.

In addition, says Bishop, "The price of solar panels has been - in the previous three years - From 4 dollars and 20 cents per watt, compared to one dollar and 20 cents per watt, more or unless it is a big difference in what used to be more than half the cost of the system when you install one, and has been reduced to less than one quarter. "

Solar Plus is not the only company to benefit from this solar explosion. In San Francisco, one more company, SunRun, he discovered he could purchase solar systems, put them on the roofs of owners, and sell electricity back.