Turkish Government Announced the Country’s First National Wind Energy SystemThe Turkish government has recently announced the first in the country's National Wind Energy System. The project, which is run by a team of specialists from scientific unions and leading Turkish universities, has been enduring - in secret - in the last two years. End of next year, it is expected the opening of the initial stage of this grand energy project: a 500 KW wind turbine created entirely locally, with only parts produced in Turkey.

Till 2014, the Government hopes to continue this model with a 500 KW 2,500 KW wind turbine, in addition completely local production. While these 2 turbines will be a drop in the bucket 3 MW of approximately 1,500 MW Turkey's installed capacity of wind, showing that the government is serious in concerned with laying the groundwork for a local infrastructure of wind energy in the nation.

The cost for the project National Wind Energy System is around TRY 50 million ($ 27 million) until now. Over the coming five years, the Turkish government expects the system to "match the contribution of the automotive industry for the economy." Using locally sourced entirely labor and machinery, the system will moreover bring Turkey nearer to its goal of energy liberty.

The Turkish authorities have power previously stated they hoped the wind capacity to 5,000 MW by 2015 and a staggering 20,000 MW in 2023 (the centennial of Turkey). The government expects that the ultimate goal of requiring $ 30 billion in capital investment, which is expected to get $ 7.5 billion locally.

If Turkey can meet its ambitious aims, it will join European nations like Germany and Spain in the ranks of wind power over the users around the world. With 90,000 MW of wind capacity potential, the big mystery is why Turkey has not taken more than two percent of it.