Wind energy needs a lift

With investors having being awaiting for the next wind power capability tender for quite a while now, questions are being raised regarding how Hungary will execute its EU obligation to boost the proportion of renewable in its energy mix above 14% from the present 6% by 2020. In the meantime, wind power investments could simply go with the wind.

“I can easily see them revolving from my casement,” notes Klára Horváth, mayor of Bábolna city where 7 wind generators were set up in 2010. The turbines possess a total capability of fifteen megawatts and with them the amount of wind generators in Komárom-Esztergom County was amplified to 69.

The Gyor-based Pannon Széleromu Kft accomplished its wind energy plant investment on the fringes of Bábolna last Sept. “They had been not the first ones interested in such investments in our region,” Horváth told the Budapest Business Journal. “We were in advanced talks with a German wind energy company at the starting of year 2000; however they took their investment elsewhere. Pannon Széleromu appeared around 2006 and after a lengthy administrative procedure over land issues, an investment at last kicked off and was accomplished by mid-2010.”

Based on the mayor, citizens at first showed very powerful opposition towards the planned wind farm, but ultimately they realized the significance of the investment. The city has additionally taken advantage of the project. Revenue from the local business tax paid by wind farm owner Pannon Széleromu makes up considerable portion of the local government’s budget. The firm has also supported sports and culture-related investments within the town, in exchange for the smooth administration procedure the local government granted it.