5 Great Storage Solutions for Apartment Dwellers

5 Great Storage Solutions for Apartment Dwellers

It can feel like its own challenge to find good quality and dependable ways to add storage to apartments. We are here to shed some light on 5 great storage solutions apartment owners and renters alike will love.

Off-Site Storage Facilities

This may be one of the least convenient options on our list depending on how much you value easy access when it comes to storage. Off-site storage can be a great solution in densely populated cities where properties are less likely to offer private and secure storage on site. If finding a trustworthy and safe storage facility in a close enough proximity to the property is a possibility, don’t count it out as a quality storage solution.

Using the Patio and Other Outdoor Spaces

If the property allows for it, having organized furniture such as bookshelves, trunks and other storage bins right outside can be an easily accessed storage space. This method does rely on weather protecting infrastructure or otherwise limits what can be stored safely, and again should only be used if the property allows it. Should this storage solution be used, it’s important to remember that shared spaces like hallways and walkways are not the place for this. Outdoor space storage can be a helpful tool in stowing away things like seasonal decor and other belongings you don’t readily need to be available, however, it’s important to keep the space of your neighbors in mind as well.

Car Space Storage

Storage boxes that offer secure and private designated areas for renters to store their extra things, car space storage boxes are innovative and game-changing storage solutions that can add value and security to properties with little to no extra space. The best parking space storage unit is the Bradyl Box by the storage solution experts at Bradyl. It features adjustable legs so the unit fits comfortably over any car or SUV, and most sized trucks. It can hold up to 900 pounds of stored belongings and offers over 80 cubic feet of storage space. One of the most important aspects of storage is the security and privacy of the unit, and with the Bradyl Box, you get both in a sleek package that renters love.

Furniture Designed with Storage in Mind

A great way to integrate storage to an apartment that either lacks storage or is too small for the number of belongings is to invest in furniture that doubles as storage and organization. Pieces like ottomans, headboards, even sofas with designated open spaces to store extra belongings keep them close and secure at all times. If other storage solutions aren’t an option, this can be a creative and fun way to integrate more storage into a small space.

On-Site Storage Lockers

We know this may not be possible for every property, on-site storage lockers require a large amount of unused open space, however, these are one of the best storage options for apartment properties. Like we said before, the most important aspect of storage is that it offers security and privacy, keeping extra belongings safe. A great storage locker option is the Bradyl Bin by Bradyl Storage Solutions. Made with walls of steel and a lockable swing open door, the Bin is a great option for adding both storage and design to a property. Renters love Bradyl Bins and value the secure space to hold their extra things in a close place that is easily accessible when needed. The doors can even be customized to match a color scheme or add a pop of color to a dull area of the property.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen