5 Reasons To Use Laminates For Modern Surfacing Needs

5 Reasons To Use Laminates For Modern Surfacing Needs

Decorative laminates are a great way to change the outlook of your personal and office spaces. These laminate sheets are easy to install and maintain, affordable, long-lasting, and resistant to scratches, smudges, water, and fire. Unlike a lot of traditional surfacing options, laminates do not need any expert help to apply them on various surfaces. It is more of a do-it-yourself method, and anyone at home can read a manual and do it.

Leading industries have started using decorative laminates as an alternative to traditional walls, floors, and other surfaces because of their rising demand among customers. Over the last few years, laminates have been widely used in personal, professional, and commercial places. They are not only cost-effective but create a variety of aesthetic appearances with numerous customizations.

Different Types of Laminates

A wide range of laminates is available for different purposes. They are,

  • Matte finish laminates
  • Gloss finish laminates
  • Textured laminates
  • Metallic laminates
  • PVC finish laminates
  • Acrylic finish laminates
  • Exterior laminates

5 Reasons to Use Laminates

There are several benefits of choosing decorative laminate sheets over traditional surfaces. Here are some of the most significant reasons to use high-pressure laminates,

Durable and Cost-Effective

Laminates cost half of the other surfacing materials available in the market. However, decorative laminates provide an expensive experience and a better aesthetic appearance at much cheaper costs. In addition, they are resistant to a lot of wear and tear, which makes them highly sturdy and long-lasting. Laminates used as surfacing materials can last for years! Most laminates last up to 10 years on average. Consistent care and maintenance can result in an even more extended period of use. Kraft paper used in manufacturing laminate sheets makes them hard and durable.

Low Maintenance

Laminate sheets are pretty easy to maintain and care for. Decorative laminate sheets come with a protective transparent top layer coated in melamine resin that makes them resistant to any severe damage. They are resistant to scratches, smudges, water, fire, and humidity. This is why decorative laminate sheets can be used in exteriors as well as in places with high humidity. These sheets accumulate dust but can be cleaned easily by wiping the surface with a soft damp cotton cloth. Abrasive cleaning materials and detergents must be avoided as they can cause permanent damage to the laminates.

Easy to Install

Designer laminate sheets are effortless to use, and they do not need any particular skill or expertise. As a result, several small startups use laminates to decorate commercial spaces because they are affordable and hassle-free. It is a do-it-yourself- method that takes almost no time to complete. Anyone with a manual guide can read the instructions and follow them to use the sheets properly. The bottom layer of the sheets comes with an adhesive sticker that has to be peeled and applied. Therefore, it is essential to make an even application and leave no gap for air whatsoever. Since anyone in need can complete the process, it saves a lot of labor and reduces the ultimate budget.

A Wide Range of Variety

One of the best features of decorative laminate sheets is that they are available in a number of varieties. Therefore, it is best suitable for customised needs and spaces. Each variety serves particular purposes and offers a different texture, appearance, and aesthetic appeal. For example, matte laminates are resistant to scratches and stains, but they cannot be easily cleaned like high gloss laminates. Textured laminates are great for creating an ambiance in commercial spaces like salons, spas, and nursing home receptions. Finally, landscape laminates can be used for decorating a spacious living room or a calming study hall. An uncountable number of experiments can be done with different laminate sheets to create various moods of a specific interior.

Available for Many Applications

Laminates are surfacing materials that are used to extend the durability of the original surface and make it look more expensive and modern. Designer laminate sheets are used on plywood, MFD, furniture, walls, and countertops. They are widely utilized in the interiors and exteriors of personal and office areas and commercial industries like nursing homes, healthcare centers, salons and spas, gyms, and restaurants. The wide array of options makes it easier for customers to choose the required laminate according to their needs and expectations. In addition to this, their durability, low-maintenance properties, and resistance to water, humidity, climatic wear and tear make them suitable for several surfaces.

Decorative laminate sheets are your best option if you want to have a quick makeover of your interiors without burning your pocket. It is crucial to do sufficient research before buying any laminate for your interiors. Understanding the requirements will guide you to purchase the most suitable option available. You can always contact laminate manufacturers and discuss your questions to clear any doubt.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen