Energy Independence Achieved with Solar Power

Energy Independence Achieved with Solar Power

First of all, how do you define energy independence? According to experts, it is the ability to produce a justifiable amount of fuel so that demands for power are met. If a certain household uses enough energy without having to worry about power outages, global prices or potentially dangerous sources of electricity, gas or oil, then it can be considered having achieved energy independence.

Secondly, once you produce your own power, you may lessen or totally eliminate your electricity bills and be freed from companies that provide energy. Becoming self-sufficient in terms of energy can help you get away with unnecessary expenses, besides helping foster environmental development. On top of that, you get peace of mind if you use green energy. So, how can you achieve self-sufficiency when it comes to energy?

How to Become Energy Independent

One of the countless ways to become energy independent is to have solar panels installed on your roof. These panels can help you generate enough fuel for your own needs, with no harm done to the environment since they don’t have emissions and as such, don’t cause pollution. The best part, not only can solar panels increase the value of your home but these products can also save you on electricity costs. Feel free to do thorough research on these solar panel servicing offers.

According to reports, there are now over two million solar energy systems active all throughout Australia, helping reduce the country’s overall energy use. As noted by experts, a typical household roughly needs a single 6.6kW solar system in order to meet its need for electricity. That would mean over a thousand dollars of savings in a year! Moreover, if you have a solar inverter as well as a good quality solar battery, it equates to an entire system alive and kicking for days, furnishing you with all the power you need.

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How to Optimise Solar Energy

Optimising your entire household to enjoy the highest level of energy independence would mean synchronising your tasks with the sun’s pattern of exposure. In other words, do your household tasks while the sun is shining bright and naturally it means during daytime. Why – because fuel is readily abundant to run your appliances and utilities as your solar panels transform the sun’s rays into electricity.

Technically, your system doesn’t work at night but even then, if you have a good battery system, then you can use the energy that was stored during the day. Of course, you need power to light up your home in the evenings but if you can wait for the sun to shine, then you can have unlimited energy to power your clothes washer, dishwasher and all your other electrical applications.

Be energy efficient so as to become energy independent. It doesn’t mean going literally dark at certain times. It only means using energy in a cleverer way. And you don’t need a very huge solar power system for that.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen