Holiday Home Security Tips

Holiday Home Security Tips

Everyone looks forward to the few days of vacation we get every year… especially if you’ve saved up all of your vacation days. You might spend days planning the perfect vacation, and have an entire itinerary in place, but what most people forget, is that you need to have equal amounts of planning in place for the home, you’re leaving behind empty… When you’re in the home, there’s less of a worry about burglars breaking in, although it is still there… this worry multiplies when your home is empty. However, you can’t let that ruin your entire holiday! There are a few things you can do to make sure your home stays as safe as possible while you’re away, so you can really have some time off from worrying about anything at all!

1: Keep the expensive stuff out of plain sight

One of the biggest mistakes people make while leaving for holiday, is leaving everything in their home where it usually is when they’re around. All of your expensive appliances, fine china, or anything else of value, should be hidden away out of plain sight when you’re leaving. A potential burglar will likely scout out the house before they actually break-in. If they see all of your expensive belongings from the outside, it’ll make your home a bigger target for a burglary!

2: Don’t let the house look empty

Apart from the burglar being able to spot things from the outside, your home looking empty also makes it quite a big target! If a burglar knows that no one’s in there, they’ll know that it’s likely that no one will even notice they’re there and they can easily go through your things. You can easily make it look like your house isn’t empty by having someone pick up the mail every day, hire someone to shovel your driveway if it’s snowing, use smart lights programmed to turn off and on a timer, or even leave some extra shoes by the entryway to make it look like people are coming in and out of the house! That way, your house will look occupied enough, until you get back to occupy it yourself!

3: Get a smart doorbell

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One of the best ways to get peace of mind while you’re on holiday is to be able to actually keep an eye on your home, at least some of the home! Getting a smart doorbell like “Ring” installed on your door will mean that every time someone passed by your main door, you get an alert! And using the two-way voice feature, you can even pretend like you’re inside the home if you find someone loitering outside!

4: Get strong locks installed

Of course, there’s the threat of burglars still trying to break into your home regardless of you having a smart doorbell, making the house look occupied, and keeping valuable out of sight. To minimize the chances of a break-in attempt being successful, get strong locks installed. These locks should be suited to your door, and if you don’t know which one would work best for you, call Locksmith Alabaster, or a recommended locksmith in your local area to help you pick out, and install the perfect locks for your home! Keeping it that much safer while you’re away!

5: Keep your plans off social media

Finally, this one might be the hardest to accomplish nowadays, but it is best to keep your travel details off of social media while you’re away. Instead, try keeping the entire trip a secret, and post stories and photos after you come back! That way, you get to post all of the memories you made, while not confirming that your home is empty for anyone that might be looking for an opportunity!

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen