How To Guide In Picking A Lock

Locks are important in everyone because it secures people’s belongings and all the things that are important to them.  But there are times that these locks become uneasy to open because of certain reasons.  Maybe you misplaced the key for your lock.  In this situation, there are things that you can do before calling a locksmith and spend money for their services. Here are some things that you can do before calling them.

Know your lock

You may know how the lock that you have works. Mostly, locks in homes and office are pin and tumbler lock type.  This kind of lock consists of a cylinder which may rotate within its housing. In this kind of lock, the cylinder stays in place by many pairs of pins in it. When you inserted the correct key in it, the key will push the pairs of pins up. When this happens, the top pins will no longer enter the cylinder that makes the lock open. There are wide varieties of lock that re available that you use. You must know what kind of lock you have and how it works.


Have a tension wrench or pick

Tension wrench or sometimes called as torque wrench, is used as a device that will apply pressure turn the lock cylinder. Picks are used for different kinds of problem. It is also specialized in each problem that it may solve. These tools can be purchased in sets, and some professionals do their own sets for more personalize and also for assuring a good quality sets that they will have.

Place the tension wrench into the lower part of the key hole

Be careful in place the tension wrench into the key hole.  Be reminded to put it in the Lower portion of the key hole.

Know which way the lock to be unlocked

You must know which turn you must do to suit the cylinder to be turned and become unlock.  If you are using a common lock, it is very predictable for you to know the right turn to open your lock. If you have an extraordinary kind of lock and you do not know the right turn you may try to turn the tension wrench clockwise then counterclockwise. Just feel the firmness of the wrench when you turn it to know which turn is the right thing to do.

Apply a light torque to the tension wrench

You must do this procedure in the correct direction and then you must hold. The torque varies depends on the lock that you have. You can do trial and error for this step and stay gently.

Insert the pick in the key hole

You may insert a pick in the upper portion of the key hole.  In this step, you may feel the pins and aim to press them up to open your lock.

Use the tension wrench to turn the cylinder

Once the pins are and locked up, you may now turn your tension wrench for you to turn the cylinder that makes your lock open.  This is the final thing that you can do to open your lock.

These are the guides that you may follow to open your lock.  In case that it won’t work there are many local locksmiths in Arvada Colorado. Click on the word which is highlighted to know the best locksmith that will help you out with your problem.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen