How To Keep Your Home Cool When Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down

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Not every person around you can afford an air conditioner, so those people bring forth different and exclusive ideas of keeping their houses cool while it feels burning hot outside. Suppose it’s a sunny day outside, you’re enjoying your favorite movie while having lunch with your air conditioner switched on and suddenly your air conditioner breaks down. The house starts to heat up, so in order to keep it cool you can implement one of these fantastic ideas.

Shutting down curtains

Around twelve or one pm during the afternoon, most of the sunlight comes inside the house through the windows, and this is the time of the day is hottest. Do not keep your windows open during that period because this will increase the temperature of the house, notably. Putting the blinds on windows, lowering shades, or shutting down curtains can remarkably decrease the temperature. These are the ways by which one can block the heat from entering the house and lessen the humid atmosphere. Try to stay in a small room with less or no windows. There are some thermal curtains available in the market that specifically blocks the heat from coming inside. You can also put additional bed sheets on the windows to avoid heat.

Cooling the home naturally

In the evening, when the sun starts to set, the temperature also falls considerably. You can open the windows during that period in order to let the heat go outside, and the fresh air comes inside. Once it gets sunny again in the morning air conditioning repair denver, keep this thing in mind to close your windows immediately to keep the heat out. Your home should be designed in such a way that it has a system of cross ventilation. This way, the fresh air crosses through your house, making it more refreshing.

Keep yourself cool

Another very great idea is filling a large bowl with ice cubes and put that bowl on a table placed in front of a standing fan. Such fans are readily available at the stores in the town market which one can afford because they are usually cheap in price but good in quality. This trick will make you feel like you have a smaller version of the air conditioner in front of you which can beat the heat impressively. You can also use a pipe with water running out through it to cool the roof of the house. When your roof cools down, automatically the room cools down immediately.

Avoid heat producing appliances

It is better to avoid bringing extra heat in the home while your air conditioner broke down. Also avoid using such appliances that create more heat like stove, oven, dryer, straightener, etc. The best option is to make your food on a grill outside the house. The perfect idea is to have vegetable salads instead of grilled food in order to avoid getting heat up. Your body generates more heat when you have a hot or spicy meal. So skip eating such food. There are certain drinks, vegetables, or fruits that cool down the body temperature instantly. Try to keep the lights switched off during the afternoon because they generate extra heat.

Using wet towels to cool you down

Take a piece of cloth or a towel and make it wet with cold water and place it in the freezer for some time. Put that towel on your face or head and around the neck. This will give an instant cooling effect on your body. There is this vein in your neck that connects to your brain. When you put the towel around the neck, it sends the message to your brain, which takes an action of decreasing the temperature of the body and one feels as if it is cold now. This is a very smart technique. As soon as the cooling towel turns a little hot, swipe it with the one placed in the freezer for cooling. Take a cold water shower which is again an excellent idea to balance your body temperature quite a bit. Going swimming is a perfect way to enjoy a hot summer day and lower your body temperature. You always feel fresh and cool after a nice swim.

Taking naps and avoiding thick clothes

Take a nap during the day time when it is really hot outside to pass the time because when you are sleeping, you don’t feel hot or cold. Avoid wearing thick or tight-fitting clothes instead wear thin clothes with loose-fitting.

Choose the correct circulating fan during hot weather

Choose a counter-clockwise moving fan because the movement of the fan also affects the cooling process. When the fan spins counter-clockwise, the heat moves upside and the cooler air circulates downward. In winters the situation is opposite but do remember to change the fan rotation during summer by a small switch present on the fan.

To prevent most of the airconditioning problems, you should ensure regular maintenance of the AC. There is some minor maintenance you can do yourself monthly to avoid severe damage. With regular maintenance, your system will be fit and running smoothly. Before you hire an air condition technician, ensure you do background check for their reputation.

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Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen