How to Maximize the Storage Space in Your Kid’s Room

How to Maximize the Storage Space in Your Kid’s Room

Do you feel your kid’s room has plenty of stuff and no room for storage? Over time, the constant addition of kids’ belongings can create a messy room. Fortunately, you can ultimately maximize the storage space in your kid’s room.

The trick is to go for intelligent storage and decor. This exploring and curious stage of life requires an organized space that is functional and pretty. So, check out some brilliant ideas to maximize the storage space in the kid’s room.

Declutter It

It may sound weird how decluttering maximizes the storage, but in fact, it’s the first step. So, have a good look at the kid’s room. Children tend to outgrow their interests. So, donate all the stuff which is past his age now. It can be clothes, toys, and games. This will drastically maximize your storage by taking out extras.

Place Floor Storage Cubbies for Kids Accessibility

The storage cubbies are a must for every kid’s room. The low-height floor cubbies with accessible-height increase storage considerably. You can go for attractive colors and bins with labels like toys, coloring books, pencils. This will help the kid develop the habit of placing things at appropriate places from a tender age. Also, this is a perfect way to maximize the area for stuff that’s usually lying here and there.

Opt for Smart Wall Decor

Dinosaur Alphabet Canvas Wall Art

Give them imagination and wings to fly with radiant and pretty wall decor. The wall decor doesn’t take up floor space and creates more room for storage. You can buy wall art online, with cute illustrations of all kid’s stuff, bubbly colors, and some quotes. Also, you can hang family pictures, kids’ timelines, or their artwork in the form of framed prints. Go for a world map and everything that doesn’t need floor space.

Use Clever Shelving

Use shelving to create a bookshelf, place frames, plants, or other stuff. The vertical shelves, which are minimalist, very cleverly add vertical Storage. You can create a bookshelf with multiple shelves. Also, you can place small toys. The multilevel shelves in floating and ledge shelving are absolutely the best idea for putting light things. Accessorize it with pretty things to make it attractive.

Use bed for Extra Storage

A bed is an excellent location for adding extra storage. For example, you can easily buy woven, plastic baskets and hide them under the bed. Also, you can go to bed underneath Storage and hydraulic systems. Another way is to introduce loft beds to create a closet or a study place below it.

Vertical Storage is the key

Bulky and horizontal furniture is a big no for a kid’s room. Instead, always opt for sleek and tall closets and open shelves. Maximize space with tall shelves and closets. You can place stuff at the top, which the kids doest require. Then, you can access it with the help of a regular ladder. It will double up your floor space and give the child more room to play and explore his interests.

Bring in the Kid’s Toy Chest

Are you looking for a table for activities or playing? Then ditch regular low-level tables. Instead, go for a kids toy chest, cozy for seating, drawings, and playing. It has ample storage for all the toy stationery, and it’s very comfortable.

Create Storage Along Perimeter of the Wall

Generally, everyone tends to forget the space above 7 feet of the walls. But, it’s the best place for creating new storage. Build a continuous shelf on four walls of the room above 7 feet of the wall. Now, paint it attractively so that it doesn’t look out of place. You can place big toys, cute baskets, off-season clothes, and much more. The only trick is to make it look eye-catching. The smaller kids room can use this genius hack for doubling up Storage.

Let’s Wrap It

Organizing a kid’s room is an exhausting task. So, don’t fret a bit. You’re doing a fantastic job. Pat yourself at the back and start doubling up your Storage now. Use these clever tricks, and you will be amazed by the result. An organized place with all stuff at its designated place develops healthy habits in kids. So, have a good look at the area and invest in intelligent storage and decor. It will bring the best out of the kid’s room. Good luck!

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen