What Do You Need To Know About The Kodiak Solar Generators

The Kodiak solar generator by Inergy Solar happens to be one of the most lightweight, powerful solar generators, which weighs 20 lbs only. This generator model has the ability to satisfy the mounting needs of the camp trailers, as well as, different home appliances for days at a time. The fact that this generator has greater versatility as it is extremely powerful. This particular unit can be enjoyed as a camping luxury or ultimate emergency power backup without the hassles of conventional fuel powered generators. The Kodiak Solar Generators are second to none!

What Are Kodiak Solar Generators Good For?

If you are considering investing in a Kodiak Solar Generator, you must know about the several benefits the unit will be offering you. The use of a Kodiak solar generator allows you to:

  • Charge your lights, smartphones, tablets, camera equipment, laptops, 12V appliances, display monitors, CPAP, and much more
  • An amazing add-on to your RV, boat or camping site. Moreover, you can enjoy a plug n play Shore Power 30 AMP output.
  • The unit features a Lithium NMC battery, an internal 1100 Watt Hours, which is 90 AMP hours, and 12.6V
  • A long-lasting Lithium battery available today, which has a battery life expectancy of up to 10 years or 2000 cycles
  • Comes with an integrated high-performance Pure Sine Wave AC inverter that runs on 1500Watts continuously, and 3000Watts initiating surge output
  • Has an LCD display which makes it easier for the user to read the system information?
  • Incredible source of emergency power backup
  • Compatible with about 600 Watts input, with a recharge time of 2.5 hours at maximum input
  • Allows for a convenient Battery expansion and accepts any compatible AGM Deep or Lead Acid Cycle battery
  • Features two base camp LED ports, four USB outlets, two 12V DC sockets, one 30 AMP RV plug, and six 110AC ports
  • Easily make your Kodiak Solar Generators EMP proof with the use of the latest Tech Protect EMP Bag

How Do You Charge Your Kodiak Solar Generators?

There are three different means to charge Kodiak Solar Generators:

  • Sun

You could charge your Kodiak Solar Generators by connecting them to a compatible solar panel.

  • DC

the Kodiak Solar Generators can be conveniently charged by connecting the unit to a compatible DC input, for instance, with a 12V charger that is available in most of the vehicles

  • Wall

Kodiak Solar Generators can be recharged by connecting the unit to a regular wall outlet.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen