This is the age of style and convenience where you want to be comfortable while stylish at the same time. As the families grow, the bedrooms start to feel a short space. The bedrooms need large closets and storage furniture to hold the clothing and other stuff which we buy to stylize our living. The Ottoman Beds can offer a solution to this problem.

You don’t want bulky and heavy pieces of furniture to take up most of the space in your bedroom. Although they take care of storing your stuff and make your bedroom look tidy, these oversized bulky pieces of furniture stuff overshadow your living style. Smaller houses with small bedrooms lose their stylish look with just the storage units being all over the bedroom.

Bed with Storage Solution

Ottoman storage beds can offer a clever solution to the storage problem without making your bedroom look stuffed with storage units. These are the luxury beds with storing space under their mattress. They are a central piece of the bedroom which can hide all the extra stuff, from clothing to sports accessories, you can use the bed as your storing solution.

Ottoman storage beds are elegantly stylish and offer you a practical solution for making the mess disappear under the bed, so to speak. Just push up the mattress and explore your invisible storage unit, hidden in plain sight. You don’t need to bring extra storage units to make space for the things you very much need to be with you.

How to use the bed storage

Store whatever you want to under your bed, of course, the things which can fit under the bed will be stored. The handmade ottoman beds give you large space under their mattress to experiment with your sense of storing things.

You can put your things in small bags and put them in the storage space of your bed.

You can put your valuables in small lockers or containers and put them in storing space of ottoman storage beds.

You can make compartments to sort out different things while storing them to make it easy for yourself to find them when you need them. Several different items can be stored under the Ottoman Beds. Here are some of the ideas for the things that you can store under the bed:

  • Clothing items
  • Shoes (put them in boxes)
  • Out of season clothes, you won’t be needing for a while
  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Toys
  • Gaming accessories
  • Old Computers
  • Gaming CDs and DVDs
  • Bags, belts and other accessories
  • Small container having valuable things
  • Bedsheets
  • Spare towels
  • Wrapping paper and craft supplies
  • Extra pillows
  • Spare cushions

These are some of the things coming to mind when thinking about how to use the storing space of your ottoman bed. You can be innovative with this and think of more ideas to make it more practical for yourself. Many things can be stored in ottoman storage beds which can help your bedroom look tidy and without a mess.

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Luxury Design with Benefits

Handmade ottoman beds are luxuriously elegant and stylishly designed to make you feel comfortable and stylish at the same. Their headboards are crafted from a single piece of wood that is available in different designs, ranging from wood to Chesterfield sleigh designs. There are elegant designs crafted on wood and also with upholstery wrapped up in a variety of clothing fabrics, from cotton to velvet and leather.

They have all the elements to make your bed look royal and comfortable at the same time. They are the luxury item of your bedroom but besides being a luxury piece of furniture, it offers practical benefits for having extra storage for your stuff.

Sizes and Frames

These beds are available in all sizes, from single mattresses to king-size bed frames. You can buy it according to your bedroom size. Smaller bedrooms need smaller beds but if you like a bigger bed but have a small bedroom, even then you can go for a big ottoman bed because of its storage capacity which will allow you to be minimal with buying other storage units for your bedroom.

These headboards fit with all kinds of frames and mattresses making them more desirable if you want to buy a mattress of your own choice. You are in total control of giving your bed a beautiful look according to your styling sense with the freedom to choose from a wide variety of custom handmade ottoman beds.


The Ottoman Beds are the best choice for your stylized bedroom offering you the practically doable solution for your storage problems without bringing in more bulky storage units in your bedroom that cover most of the space in the bedroom. Just buy this one thing and get your mind relaxed from the worries of bringing in more furniture to store your extra clothing, books, shoes etc.

At Ottoman Beds, we have a wide range of beds with different types of luxurious headboards, available in all elegant designs. Visit our website and explore the world of stylized bed fantasies.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen