Solar Energy Products Supplied By Singapore Electricity Retailers

Solar Energy

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) in Singapore plans to equip an increased number of its flats with solar panels; aiming at having the facility in more than 5,000 blocks in a year’s time. This initiative to set up solar photovoltaic panels on rooftops is done in a bid to reduce Singapore’s carbon emission.

The nation’s step towards a cleaner, greener and renewable future is laudable, and others are following the footstep to provide Singaporeans an avenue such as electricity retailers in the Open Electricity Market (OEM). Before that, let us explore what is so good about solar energy?

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Solar Photovoltaic Systems in Singapore

In this polluted world, solar energy provides a line of solution towards climate change. It is a carbon-neutral form of energy that emits minimal carbon-product, therefore is environmentally sustainable. Additionally, the fact that no transportation of fuel is needed to generate electricity from it turns this into an opportunity to secure Singapore’s local energy resources.

Lastly, its ability to reduce peak demand means that it benefits the masses by lowering the price pool of electricity. This ability is based on the fact that electricity consumption peaks in Singapore during afternoons which coincides with the time when solar energy output is the highest.

Singapore’s unique position as a nation that receives 50% more solar radiation (1,580 kWh per metre-square annually) than its neighbours of similar climate proves that solar energy is a viable source of renewable energy for electricity generation. This is favourable for a small country with no natural sources to provide for its energy security.

This system has proven itself with current HDB blocks which has solar panels installed. Such residential buildings were able to sustain net-zero energy usage. To add, there were excess solar energy which is distributed back into the SP Group-operated national grid. Approximately 4.1 GWh of excess energy harboured by such buildings are being channelled via the grid monthly.

Solar-based Electricity Plans in Singapore

A number of electricity retailers and providers in the OEM are offering plans based on solar energy. This is great for two number of reasons.

Firstly, your residential unit or business is going green by sourcing electricity from low-carbon-producing materials and this option is being made available nationwide. Also, there is guaranteed no disruption for electricity consumption as the supply stays consistent.

Secondly, it saves cost as generally, the retailed rate of electricity produced by solar energy is priced lower that the quarters electricity tariff.

An example of such plans for resident is the “Get Sunny” plan by Geneco, retailing at 22.88 cents per kWh which includes GST, with a contract duration of 18 months.

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Business also can reap the benefit of solar plans by engaging with a list of retailers that offer customised quotes for such needs. This includes, Senoko Energy, Sunseap Energy and Sembcorp Power to name a few. For such cases, either excess clean solar energy from these retailer’s assets are exported to the power grid then to your offices or they provide installation services and maintenance to you.

Decide on the best for your needs by knowing what else electricity providers could offer in Singapore, before confirming on a preferred electricity plan.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen