That Is Why Clutter And Hoarding Are Two Different Things


Hoarding and clutter may sound the same to you, but there is a significant difference between the two. To find out, keep on reading.

What Is Clutter?

You might have heard a lot about the term “clutter”. Have you ever wondered what it could be?

Well, clutter, in simplicity, is a huge pile of mess. It mainly consists of things which need to be sorted out and put to their respective places. If you fail to put the items in their place, they will just sit there and it can lead to a big mess.

Clutter usually consists of piles of papers such as bills and mails, clothes which haven’t been put in their right place, cables and cords which have not been organized. Clutter happens when you set something down and forget about it. You see the mess and become overwhelmed. You feel a sudden urge to clean it up right away. This is where decluttering comes into play.

Decluttering gets rid of the clutter and mess that could have been easily avoided if you were just mindful in the first place about putting the stuff where it belongs. Clutter can be easily avoided and is reversible, if you become mindful of tidying things up and putting things back where they belong in the first place.

Clutter is not a psychological or mental condition. It is just a person being lazy about organizing things. When cleaning and letting go of clutter, you don’t get emotional about letting a particular thing go.

What Is Hoarding?

Hoarding is also a term, sometimes, confused with clutter. But this term is different from clutter.

Hoarding is an act where you hold onto useless things, thinking it’s important. People who hoard items are called hoarders. Hoarding is a mental condition. It allows the person to get emotionally attached to a certain item and cannot bring him/herself to let go of it at any cost.

Hoarding is a serious medical condition and it can affect the brain adversely. Getting emotionally attached to material things is not good and it should not be encouraged either.

Hoarders don’t just hoard things. They also hoard animals and pets. When the pet dies, the hoarder doesn’t want to let go of it, so they mummify the animal and keep it with them forever.

A big indicator that a person is a hoarder is that he/she will hold onto junk like it’s something valuable. This is a serious condition, which a lot of people deal with. When you take something away from a hoarder, he/she will wreak havoc and do everything they can, in their power, to stop you from parting them with their beloved item. These people need to be institutionalized and they have to train their brain from scratch about not getting emotionally attached to meaningless things and items.

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Clutter and hoarding may sound similar, but they are not, and now you know the difference between the two.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen