The Best Indoor Plants: Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

The Best Indoor Plants: Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Beginner plant parents have a great and wide selection of plants to add life and greenness to their spaces. Indoor plants suitable for homes differ from one home location to another. The selection of indoor plants for a home depends on sunlight, available space, and room locations. Within a home setting, different plants can survive in different settings and rooms. Some plants thrive in living rooms best while others do better in the kitchen. Greenery additions to the home make the space feel more complete. No matter the situation it is possible to spruce up your home with these indoor plant picks.

1. Bamboo Palm

These plants add vibrance and color to a home. They have stems similar to bamboo plants and soft green leaves that add calmness to a room. They thrive either under low light levels or moderate lighting. They are best for office and home indoor spaces. Bamboo palms have several benefits such as purification of air and create a happy, healthy, and successful environment that is clean for the occupants. They are low maintenance plants and are therefore a great investment for decoration and creation of a lively environment within a space.

2. ZZ Plant

These types of plant species are the best and the easiest to care for and maintain. Most people have these plants in their buildings and rooms. They can strive and survive in rooms with low lighting and irregular watering schedules. This makes them the easiest plants to manage in a living environment. They are suitable for busy plant parents who cannot afford to give much attention and maintenance to plants frequently.

3. Cast Iron Plant

This plant’s name is a result of its capability to strive even under the worst and unfavorable conditions. Its leaves are sword-shaped and require very low lighting conditions to grow well. They grow in clumps and always flower once in a while as they grow.

4. Chinese Evergreen

This indoor plant can thrive in most indoor conditions and adapt. They are very forgiving and hence can go without attention for long periods. They are however affected by drafts and long periods of high temperatures. They require minimal watering and low light hence should be kept away from direct sunlight. They also have a variegated leaf pattern that makes them more attractive.

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5. Jade Plant

This is among the most popular indoor low-maintenance plants. They have thick and glossy leaves. They need high levels of lighting and should therefore be placed in rooms with maximum light exposure. They have straight water requirements since they are affected by overwatering and underwatering schedules. Too much water makes their roots rot while very little water results in the dropping of their leaves.


There are several low-maintenance indoor plants from which one can pick from and still achieve their desired décor design and style. These low maintenance plants are most preferred since they require less attention especially for people with busy schedules. They are the perfect way to spruce up a home and interior space with a little greenery. These plants are forgiving and are easy to keep alive and happy.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen