Toilet Buying Tips in Choosing The Best Toilet for You

Are you renovating, moving to a new house, or just wants a new toilet to replace your old one?

Whichever reason you may have in purchasing one, there are things to consider before you grab your wallet.

1.    Know the size of your bathroom and use that determine the rough measurements for your new toilet.

A big bath space means you get to choose bigger toilets. However, for bathrooms with limited area, it is better to stick to options that would look proportional to your bath. As toilets come in various sizes, don’t forget to check the dimensions such as width, height, and depth of your space.

2.    Know the toilet types and style

Toilets come in different types, and knowing what kind you’re looking for will help you scale down your options. Some toilets are wall mounted, while some sit on your floor.

Two-Piece Toilets are cheaper than other toilet types but are hard to install as you have two big pieces to fuse together. One-Piece Toilets, on the other hand, can cost more than One-Piece Toilets but are easier to clean. Wall-Mounted Toilets provide height and can add a touch of drama to any bathroom.

3.    Do your research and learn about the toilet innovations available in the market

With the fast-paced world, we have nowadays, technological advances keep on pouring out where innovations are available to the public now and then, and toilets are not an exemption to this. The latest craze in the toilet market is the Toilet and Bidet Combo, your ultimate bathroom luxury.

Gone are the days where bidets and toilets are separate units. With the Toilet and Bidet, you get the smart features that ordinary bidet seat do not offer. Some great features of a Toilet and Bidet Combo are temperature control, automatic flushing, self-cleaning, wireless remote and music playing capabilities.

4.    Match your bath space and the toilet design

There are lots of options nowadays that are available for toilet designs such as traditional, modern and transitional.  Consider your bath’s current layout in choosing the toilet that would look and work best in your bathroom.

5.    Take into consideration the flushing system

One important factor when looking for toilets is their flushing functionality. Different brands offer a variety of flushing systems. Some flushes can scrub your bowl while some are virtually clog-free. Choose one that you feel will work best for your needs.

6.    Look for toilets that perform well

No one would want to buy something that is not worth their money, and same goes for toilets. Don’t let your hard earned cash go through the drain by wasting them on poor-performing toilets. Some may not know this, but these bathroom essentials are graded based on the weight of waste in grams eliminated with a one flush. This grading is called the MaP score. Toilets with excellent flushing performance have a grade of 1,000g-600g.

7.    Try not to buy cheap

Toilets with low selling price are usually old models, have poor flush performance, and everything will scream low-quality. Toilets can be considered as an investment, as you can use them for an extended period. You can’t expect high performance from a cheap one.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen