Why Motorised Awnings And Blinds Are Your Best Bet In Australia’s Inclement Weather

Australia’s inclement weather is usually unpredictable, and even tracking the Weather Channel only gives you a rough idea of the storm brewing off the coast. You may be prepared with food, drinking water, and power backup – but how do you prepare your home? For those not living in an apartment complex that is sealed off from the outside, you need to make your patio your first line of defense against rain, hail or even snow.

Another common issue in Australia is dust storms

Australia routinely faces major dust storms, which can be dangerous for both health and the home beauty. Even in small amounts, dust triggers allergies. Dusty winds can also bear hay and pollen, as well as pathogens. Dust storms here disrupt flights and road transport, and gale force winds can carry over 5 million particles of dust, travelling as fast as 60 mph. Dust damage to wall paint is already well known. Australia’s coastal location makes it especially vulnerable – In 2009, a dust storm could be seen as a literal wall of dust in a NASA image, and it rapidly took over Queensland.

Electric blinds give you instant control, letting you shut out dust at a moment’s notice

Thankfully, motorised awnings, currently available at a great discount at Inwood Blinds and Shutters give you a quick cover, saving you the hassle of cranking a sometimes jammed awning handle. Just press a button, and you’ll have the safety you need.

The kind of electric blinds Sydney homes prefer are designed to be sturdy, cancelling out the intimidating noise or lightning flashes with which a lot of storms here present themselves. Newer, sturdy materials let you replace the old rusted awnings with a sleek retractable awning that open smoothly.

It’s better to have the instant cover of an electric awning than to have your house suddenly get cold, and pay more on the heating energy bill. Simultaneously, heat loss can be cut with instant electric blinds. These blinds are also a sensible decision for the Australian heat wave – what’s the point of creating a cool air conditioned cocoon when you’re losing your comfort via the windows in the relentless Australian summers.

While many owners of old fashioned Australian homes, built in a different era find that modern awning designs are hard to complement with their decor preferences, you can easily find well designed retractable awnings. These awnings not only provide shelter, but also a wonderful style statement to any home.

Retractable patio awnings use high-grade aluminium, strong rust proofing, and fabrics tested for durability in the wet months. It’ll be a one-off investment, with a few maintenance checks here and there – and as mentioned above, the energy costs means it will pay for itself in the long run.

When the summer sunshine hits your deck again, the awning is a great way to get diffused sunlight and creates an instant, cool environment to relax or lounge in. Exterior blinds sourced from providers like http://inwoodblindsandshutters.com.au/products/exterior-blinds/ are another great all-weather idea to keep your home safe.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen