5 Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids Parenting From A Wheelchair

5 Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids Parenting From A Wheelchair

Parenting is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging experiences life has to offer. It is an experience that helps us evolve into better versions of ourselves. For wheelchair users, parenting may present a unique set of challenges. First, because it takes time to adapt to the new state. Also, there are not that many disabled parents one can learn from.  However, we know disability is not an inability and we are here with activities wheelchair users can creatively engage in to make parenting fun.

Cooking and Baking

The fresh aroma of baked bread or cookies calls everyone to the kitchen and that makes cooking and baking fun and enjoyable for the whole family. Even if you are not much of a cook you can watch instructional videos to help you get started and as the saying goes, the more you practice the more you will perfect your skills.

Start by training your family members safe cooking etiquette and techniques. Then look for simple recipes that are children friendly.

Invest In Board, Card Games Or Puzzles

Board games not only help your children grow intellectually but they also encourage conversation. The wide selection of board games can help your children learn numbers, words and even reading.

There are games for every level. For instance, if you are looking for games for a toddler, get matching and coloring games. They will help your children learn while you also get to spend quality time together as you are having fun.

Sports Coach In Your Kids Team

Yes, you read that right. A coach stays on the sideline and give instructions to the team. That makes it possible for you to sit in a mobility scooter or wheelchair and coach kids in their favorite sport. If your child is not involved in the sports you are coaching, take them along with you. They will enjoy watching others play and maybe they will decide to join the team.

Play Video Games

The good thing about video games is that you can compete with your children from your wheelchair. Video games are viewed with a negative vibe, however there are some games that are educational. Also, some video games require you to move parts of your body, and that will help improve your reflexes. The right kind of video games will not only educate your child, but they will also be a good chance to bond.

Movie Night

Family night movies is a special time to chill out with your loved ones. With a simple projector, snacks and a good movie, you can turn your home into a theatre. Your kids will enjoy the idea of snuggling up on the couches with snacks to catch their favorite animation. You can make movie night fancier by having a theme, dressing up and creative seating arrangements.

Parenting on a wheelchair does not have to be boring. We hope this list of fun activities to do with your child is helpful.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen