7 Tips of How You Can Hide TV WIRES and Cords

7 Tips of How You Can Hide TV WIRES and Cords

Do you think you are residing in a jungle of wires? If you have too much electronics on your TV cabinet, then you may face a mess of cords around these electronics. There are several ideas to hide wiring in apartments.

Wiring is an important part that can’t be ignored at the time of construction of a home. Most of the wires are kept hidden during construction while some wires hang on the walls that give such an annoying look to your home.

Here are some ideas for wire hiding in an apartment or home. These days, people hire interior designers to handle these types of chores. They know which equipment is suitable to hide these wires and how to use it. As we know that technology has occupied an essential part of our life and this fact can’t be denied. With increasing devices in our homes, we are getting more tangled up in wires. Most of the walls inside our home are covered with wires which hinders the decoration of our home. Let’s consider some ideas for this problem.

Fix Wires Behind the Furniture

 Hanging wires vanish instantly when you fix them to the backside of your furniture. For this purpose, you need to look for the clips for wires that are easily accessible in the market. You can anchor your wires on these clips. It will keep your wires on a side and these will not come into view. The hooks assist in hiding wires without any hassle. You can organize all these cables in a single hook or strand. It offers more aesthetic appeal and décor. In this way, it will look more stylish. Moreover, the use of wire ties can be a good option. These are easily available online and in the market. You can choose these chord ties as per your need and the style of the furniture.

Utilize a Rack for TV

If you are using an open back rack or stand, then it makes it easy to organize the wires. You can fix it behind the rack and all the wires of the device can sit safely behind the rack. If your cabinet is closed and you need to manage this net of wires, then you need to make a hole in the backside of the cabinet. Most of the cabinets have built-in holes in the back walls. Some people have to drill a hole for the wire adjustment. It can be the simplest way to manage this problem.

These cabinets are available in a variety of designs, colors, and shapes. All these are formed to manage the different types of TVs in them. These days, an LED system has been introduced and does not have plenty of wires. Therefore, it becomes easy to hide TV cables.

Fix Pipes and Tubes

Tubing is one of the best ways to hide the wires since it can be a more organized and adorable way. In this method, you can wrap the wires and all are inserted in a hanging tube. These are formed with the foam; you just need to put them in a tube. Wrapping them in the tubes can be of a simple way. There is less risk of fire if you use this method of hiding cables. Some people use Cat5e plenum because these are easy to insert in the tubes. These are durable and powerful to manage the load of electricity. In this way, there is no risk of fire and burning of wires.

Use Cable Boxes

If you are stuck in the situation of how to hide so many wires, then you should use a cable box. This is an easy solution to hide all the wires that are hanging up on the wall and messing with the entire look of your room. You can buy a simple white cable box or any fancy box to use as a part of the decoration in the place where unappealing wires are hung. This will act as two in one factor; it will not only hide all the wires but will be hung as a decorative element too. Make a decoration with the cable box in a way that cuts both ends of the cable box and wrap the wires neatly in the box in any design.

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Make Art Wall with Wires

Art is the way to turn something ugly into something beautiful. There is an artwork that will not only help to hide the wires but also will also act as a decoration element. Take a wire clip, make a shape that you want to hang on your wall, let it be like a flower. Arrange the wires in the form of a flower and put the clip in the center and then hang it on a nail on the wall. This will look appealing.

Use Wooden Panels

If you have wooden shelves in your rooms then you don’t have to worry about the wires. You can hide the wires behind the shelves and can save the look of your room that was destroyed by the boring wires.

Hang A Cloth On the Wires

The most annoying thing is to see untangled wires under the computer table. To overcome this situation, you can simply hang cloth on these wires to hide the mess.


Home décor is highly important to enjoy an aesthetic appeal. Who does not want to make their home beautiful and adorable? Most people like to decorate their homes with a variety of things, wallpapers, furniture, paintings, plants, and many more. Similarly, hiding wires and cables on the wall and floor is highly important, if you want to improve the interior of the home. These wires do not create a good impression. If you have an efficient and adorable theatre system, you need to get rid of the pesky wires. To avoid this messy impression, it is vital to use techniques that can help you to avoid the chords.

All the above-mentioned ways are highly exclusive and you will save your time and money by using these ways. It will offer a good impression as well as it is good to make things organized.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen