Hiring Residential Designer Versus An Architect

There is a wide range of residential designers and architects available for hire to design your new house. Hiring a professional architect will certainly be of greater advantage than a mediocre designer. In the same manner, an outstanding designer will be of far greater benefit tan a mediocre architect.


Although most jurisdictions enable a home-builder or even the owner to design a home, provided that it is built as per the local safety standards, there are benefits to hiring a designing professional. An architect will bring years of schooling along with practical experience and a level of accountability to designing of a home. And in most of the municipalities any home that is over a specific size should be stamping with a professional architect’s seal. However, while upwards of 10 to 15 percent of the construction budget will be going towards the architectural fees, most of the home-owners find hiring an architect unreasonable.

Residential designers offer the home-owners with a very competitive alternative than to hiring architects. On the down-side there are several jurisdictions which govern the operation of the residential designing experts. It is a job that they say ‘anyone can perform’, which is not correct at all. Although in most of the cases anyone can design a house, but not anyone can come up with a well-designed house. Residential designers are basically passionate about designing homes and spend their time exclusively in this aspect, whereas most of the architects are capable of designing a great house perhaps spend most of the time running a facility or working on non-residential projects.


There are quite a lot of homes that have been designed by the non-architects. Such kind of houses can be matched only by a few selected architects. These residential designers have basically spent their careers absorbed in the designing of incredible homes and with experience have mastered the art of their craft.

A professional residential designer will offer most of the same services that an architect would do, including accurate construction details with consideration for zoning bylaws and local codes along with defined specifications and schedules. They will also co-ordinate the design with the local engineers, suppliers, interior designers plus make a number of site visits to make sure fidelity to the urban design Sydney. They can even help you in obtaining the building permit. While you are considering hiring a residential designer you should get what you actually pay for and sign a legal agreement for their services. In most of the cases, you cannot just save a lot of the architectural fees, paying as low as 3 percent for a complete service, but obtain a superior design in the entire process.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen