Secure Storage Lockers Vs Unsecured Storage Lockers

Secure Storage Lockers Vs Unsecured Storage Lockers

Secure storage lockers are a must-have when you value the things that you need to store. Whether you are aware of it or not, there are a lot of thieves out there that will not hesitate to steal your belongings at any given moment. Being able to stop the thieves before they even start is a huge accomplishment. Although storage solutions may not be a very popular topic out and about in the world, it should be. Everybody has stuff. Keeping that stuff safe depends on how securely you store that stuff.

Unsecured Storage Lockers

Most times you would think that an unsecured space is something that does not have a lock to protect it. In many cases this is true, but what about visual security? Many of the multi-family apartment complexes in bigger cities use something like a cage to store excess belongings in. Yes, the things are enclosed, and there is a lock on it, but thieves can see right inside of them and scope out anything that might be of value to them. This makes it easy for them to get an understanding of what is available to steal. Although there may be a lock on the unit, it is not very hard at all to get some strong wire cutters or even bolt cutters that will clip through the wire as easy as a warm knife through butter. Having a see-through storage bin is almost useless when it comes to security.

Parking Space Storage

Some apartment complexes allow for a little bit of storage at the head of a parking space in the garage. Ultimately, this is merely a stack – or pile- of assorted belongings that is unprotected in a parking area. These items sit in plain view of anyone who passes by without any lock or privacy. This not only leaves the storage items extremely vulnerable and easy to steal, but it also causes an eyesore and can get uglier as time goes by. This is a pretty ridiculous solution for storing excess articles, but unfortunately, it happens a lot.

Enclosed Storage Bins With Locks

One of the best solutions an apartment building, or any other living structure could implement is a sturdy set of storage bins like the ones in the picture above.  You can see that they are made of strong steel and are completely enclosed. On top of the privacy from viewing, they have an option for an integrated lock that keeps thieves out. In order to break into one of these containers, a thief would draw a significant amount of attention. Most thieves, unless they know for sure they will get something worthwhile, won’t risk drawing attention.  Because the bin is enclosed, nobody can see what is inside and a would-be thief wouldn’t know whether or not it would be worth it to break in at all.

Over The Vehicle Storage Boxes

Another secure storage option is a storage box that simply allows for storage above any car, truck, or SUV that parks underneath it. This over the hood storage box is designed to use extra space in order to provide a strong, secure storage area with a great amount of space conveniently in a parking area. It provides privacy and an extra little bit of security.


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Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen