The usage of heat exchangers on a Ship

Heat exchanger is a gear which decreases the temperature of a medium by exchanging temperature of that medium to another, when both the mediums are isolated by a strong film or divider like structure. For effective operation, the surface territory of the divider which isolates the two mediums is amplified, all the while limiting the stream resistance of the liquid. Get more kind of air heat exchangers at


Trading of heat in a heat exchanger can be in the middle of fluid and fluid, gas and fluid, fluid and gas and so forth. For heat exchange essentially three patterns of stream are utilized for development of a heat exchanger.

Flow in the opposite direction:

The primary medium must be cooled. The secondary medium enters the heat exchanger in the opposite direction to cool the primary medium.

Cross Flow:

Both the primary and secondary medium enters the heat exchanger in perpendicular direction to each other.

Parallel Flow:

Both the primary and secondary medium enters the heat exchanger in a parallel direction.

How Heat Exchangers can be used in ship:

Every last framework in a ship is interlinked with each other somehow or the other. Regardless of the possibility that one framework fizzles; vessel can grind to a halt.

Heat exchanger plays an essential part for proficient working of various frameworks, which incorporate:

1) Propulsion Plant:

– Main drive plant comprises of various sub framework for running of fundamental motor like lube oil framework, coat water framework (open or shut framework), fuel framework and so forth.

– When the energy is generated, the entire system gets heated up the temperature is controlled by the utilization of warmth exchanger in the framework.

Shell and tube sort and plate sort heat exchanger are most commonly used in propulsion plant.

2) Auxiliary Power Generation System:

– Auxiliary power era framework is like the propulsion drive framework, but the only difference is that the power is produced as an output.

– Shell and tube sort, plate sort and plate fin type sort heat exchanger are most commonly used in Auxiliary Power Generation System.

3) Starting Air System:

– High pressure air is delivered in the compressor which is additionally cooled in between cooler, which serves as a heat exchanger

– Shell and tube sort exchanger are most commonly used in Starting Air System.

4) Fuel injection system:

– For legitimate atomization, fuel is warmed up in a radiator with heating medium as steam. Shell and tube sort radiator are most commonly used in Fuel injection system.

For decreasing Sox discharge from drive plant, flammable fuel is blended with water, for this immediate contact the heat exchanger is used.

5) Refrigeration System:

In refrigeration framework, for fish room, meat room and vegetable room, evaporator serves as phase change heat exchanger.

– Shell and tube sort unit are most commonly used in condenser unit in refrigeration framework.

6) A.C System:

– For keeping up the temperature, stage change heat exchanger unit is introduced as evaporator.

7) Fresh Water System:

– For creating new water, ocean water condenser and coat water evaporator is utilized.

8) Steam Turbine Unit:

– If a ship comprises of steam turbine or turbine generator, typically heat exchanger is used for heat exchange.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen