List of The Dirtiest Places in Your Home

There are so many dirty places in your house that you are not even aware of how dirty they are because they do not look like that. But be sure that you are not the first one who experiences this awkward situation. Luckily MC Septic Tank bethany will help you find those places in your home and teach you how to maintain them properly.

You must be assuming that the dirty places in your home, include handles and switches, and this should not be surprisingat all, since the handles and light switches are certainly the most used things in the house. The problem is that these dusty and dirty places are rarely cleaned because they are small and no one really pays attention to them, but we mainly focus on the big things that attract our attention. Each or every other day simply wipe the door handles and switches using a microfiber cloth without any other special preparation. That is all you need. There are no special requirements, all you need to do is wipe them to clean the dust and the dirt.

Invisible dirty space

The space between the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling, is certainly is one of the dirtiest places in your house, and one of the reasons for that is certainly because it is difficult to access for cleaning, and besides that we pay little attention to them because they are out of our sight. It can take months and even years to get that space cleaned. Use the hose from the vacuum to dust and accumulate the dirt, or put a damp cloth on a broom handle to clean it all.

The interior of the refrigerator is also one of the dirty places that should not be neglected, because of food debris can develop bacteria that can be harmful to our health. When cleaning the inside of the fridge, avoid using chemicals, wipe the refrigerator using warm water and a little liquid dishwashing detergent.

For the toilet we know that it is one of the dirtier places, but did you know that tiles on the walls around toilets are even dirtier? The walls should be cleaned with an antibacterial agent and one should do that quite often.

Remote controls are the perfect place for bacteria to start spreading in your home and the best way to remove themis with the help of disinfectants. Periodically clean them well with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

Mirrors and items in the bathroom are also belong to the dirty places especially if you are close to toilets, in this case, pieces of feces may reach the mirror when dispensing the water. Clean the area once a week for half an hour soak in lukewarm water into which you put a little bleach, rinse and leave it in clean water for half an hour. This is certainly a better way than to wash them in the dishwasher.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen