Why Should You Start Upcycling?

If you’re not familiar with the term upcycling, it refers to taking broken items, or items that are no longer in use, and turning it into something more valuable, and useful. This was actually first introduced in 1997 when a book was published. It was named “The Upcycling Concept” and it took the world by storm. Although many people didn’t take it seriously enough to actually carry it out, and reduce the need for recycling, it’s coming back as a trend this year, and we are loving it.

It’s one simple way, other than recycling, to start helping the planet. With upcycling, there is no limit to what you can create, it’s creative, and fun! It’s sustainable and allows you to save money, so you don’t have to be a high-level interior designer or DIY expert to take an old wooden floor and use it to create a piece of handmade furniture, like a chair for example! (and if you are replacing a floor and have pets, make sure you browse pet friendly options to take care of the little (or big) guys).

Environmentally Friendly

The planet isn’t doing so well at the moment, and that’s down to us. We’ve already used our resources up for the year, and we’re only in August. It’s time for change, which has been in desperate need for the last 20 years. A small and simple way to help contribute to protecting the environment, and the planet as a whole, is to upcycle. It’s a much more efficient and environmentally sustaining than recycling. The difference between upcycling and recycling, is that recycling takes the original items and breaks them down to produce more items.

Cost Effective & Efficient

You can save transportation costs, manufacturing costs, and carbon emissions by being creative and upcycling for the environment. You can join the upcycling movement and breathe new life into old furniture, and old products that haven’t been any use to you. We understand that upcycling isn’t something that can be done for all things, but it’s the ideal alternative to many. Below are a few everyday examples of what you can upcycle:

  • Coffee tables
  • Chairs
  • Bowls / vases
  • Coasters
  • Blankets

Reduces Use of Natural Resources

When you upcycle existing resources, it means you don’t have to use any new, raw materials in production. The planet is already running extremely low on natural resources, so if you are presented with ways in which to minimise the use of natural resources, you really should take it.

Support Local Businesses

This is a social and economic benefit that comes with upcycling. It helps small local businesses as well as village industries. Here is a list of things you can do to help save the planet, one very small step at a time.

If you’re in need of recycling ideas and inspiration, we have a few for you below in hope that it will kickstart your upcycling adventures.

  • Turn old ladders into quirky bookshelves
  • Old books into shelves
  • Bottle caps into tea light candles
  • Glass bottles into lamps

Chair upholstery

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen